What to look for when buying a kitchen island

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Built-in or rolling kitchen island

It is first of all important to think about whether you want a built-in or a rolling kitchen island. Custom-made kitchen islands are not the only option. If building custom-made kitchen islands in your home is not really possible within the budget, you can go for a rolling kitchen island. Mobile kitchen islands look just as beautiful as built-in kitchen islands. Another big advantage is that they are portable. This way you can move your kitchen island if you want to rearrange your kitchen space in your home.

Open or closed cabinets

Most kitchen islands are equipped with a number of cupboards to store items. You want to be sure that you have a place for all your dishes and spices. This means that you have to think about whether you want open or closed cabinets. The great thing about open shelves is that they allow you to beautifully display your dishes. It also means that these shelves remain tidy and minimalist. However, the doors for the cabinets are a good option for people who don't feel like having to close everything off.

The shape of the kitchen island

It goes without saying that the shape of the kitchen island is also important when making your choice. Traditional islands have a rectangular shape. If this does not suit the size and shape of your kitchen, it is always possible to opt for an alternative. You can go for an L, T or even an oval shape. As long as you have room to move and it has all the functionality you need, it doesn't matter much which shape you choose for your kitchen island.

By paying attention to the above things when buying a kitchen island, it is no longer that difficult to find the kitchen island that suits what you have been looking for all along. It is quite possible that you would like to find out more about furnishing your kitchen. If this is correct, you are in luck, because here on the site you can find many more articles that will help you on your way. Create the dream kitchen with our 3D kitchen planner.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]