About us

Clear Kitchen is a unique kitchen formula that completely changes the way of selling in the traditional kitchen industry. Clear Kitchen sells kitchens with allure and a luxurious appearance of solid quality for an unbeatable price.

Everything is transparent and clear with us, you as a customer are central to our stores. Our unique working method ensures that you can put together your own custom kitchen and actually sell a kitchen to yourself with the help of our guidance. All our kitchens are custom made and the possibilities are endless. We offer a suitable solution and a unique design for every space, Clear?

About us


Our goal is to change the kitchen industry permanently and to make the market transparent so that everyone can get their hands on a beautiful kitchen for a fair price.

Do you know? 5 kitchen appliances for free? Kitchens for half money? Free assembly? Or a free Quooker. Nobody likes to be fooled, yet these actions in the kitchen industry are the most normal thing in the world.

At Clear Kitchen you are in control and you determine the price by putting together the kitchen to your own liking. We do not believe in discounts, but directly a competitive and transparent price, that is Clear Kitchen.


Clear Kitchen was founded by Marco and Pascal. Both have been active in the kitchen industry for a long time and together they have almost 50 years of experience in the kitchen industry!

Clear Kitchen was founded because they were tired of the traditional non-transparent way of selling kitchens. It was time for a kitchen store where the customer is central and where they can buy a beautiful kitchen for a fair price, the rest is history.

Pascal Marco


At Clear Kitchen We believe it is important to contribute to society. We have therefore integrated very important core values into our organization from the very beginning.

We support various charities and don't choose one goal so as not to shorten other charities. With every kitchen sold, we make a financial contribution to a good cause.

If you as a customer have a preference for a certain goal, you can specify this and the contribution will go to the goal of your choice.

Make an appointment

Are you ready to design your kitchen? Book a time slot now to use our services. Our host will welcome you in one of our experience centers and you will get to work while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

During the appointment we advise you for 2 hours, at the end of the appointment you have a beautiful design and you know exactly where you stand. Of course you will receive a fully specified quote from us together with a 3D drawing by e-mail so that you can check everything at home.