Alex from Naarden


Our architect has taken an initial step towards a design for the kitchen.
Together with CK we then made several sketches, and finally we arrived at a design
We have come up with something that we believe meets our wishes and does justice to the space in which the kitchen is located
placed. Pascal helped us with this and made suggestions for improvement
optimize layout. He also has the patience to make various improvements
to arrive at the final design. Pascal came up with solutions that we never came up with ourselves
were like refrigerator doors on a motor, because we wanted them to be handleless.
The main wishes were that it should be an affordable, spacious living kitchen, with modern features
conveniences such as a Quooker and steam oven, but also that we have our own atmosphere and color palette
could choose. The shape of the space gave us the opportunity (but also challenge) to create a long
kitchen with plenty of storage. Finally, we wanted the underfloor heating, switches, etc
concealed in a kitchen cupboard where there is also a gutter/suspended ceiling. This was fitting
and measure it worked!


The kitchen has the space, appearance and atmosphere we wanted! In addition, the equipment does
what we expected. We did have to get used to some details such as push-to-open drawers,
and use of the trash cans, but that turned out all right. Minor inconveniences
delivery has been taken up in consultation with Clear Kitchen/Pascal and suppliers.
The most fun thing now is that we have started experimenting with cooking (such as salt stone/steam oven)
while we are dining with friends/children in the same room; something that was not possible in the old one


Clear Kitchen has thought along with us and they have an excellent price-quality ratio. The
Clear Kitchen employees managed to install the kitchen very neatly. The kitchen has
needed some aftercare, but this was neatly arranged. The feeling of German approach (none
inflated prices, but open calculation) has positively contributed to this!