Esther Houtman, interior designer

I went to Clear Kitchen with my customers to select a suitable, tailor-made kitchen. The customer wanted a special kitchen. Other materials and colors than the most common. We quickly discovered that Clear Kitchen was the right place for us.

Bronze, metallic look fronts combined with anthracite tall cabinets was the wish, with quality equipment.
The Cerriva kitchen worktop was the starting point for the kitchen. Together with Mark and Leon we discussed the bronze fronts from Decolegno, the equipment and the most favorable arrangement and layout in the showroom in Breda.

When it turned out that the edging for the chosen fronts was difficult to obtain, I spent a day with Pascal looking for the right bronze color and material for the chosen top. We found this in Amsterdam! The final result turned out great! As a stylist, I and the customer are very happy with the result. Clear Kitchen has done everything it can to choose and source the right materials for this customer! My compliments, there is a beautiful kitchen of top quality!