Wilbert and Renate from Bunde

Wilbert and Renate from Bunde


We did a major renovation in and to our house in 2020-2021. Our wish was to create an open space where we could live, work and eat! The kitchen was one of the most important eye-catchers!
Mark Arons from Clear Kitchen Breda made the initial design based on our wishes. We discussed this at length and made a number of modifications that he incorporated into the final design.


In our new house we wanted the kitchen to be the central point in our home. It had to be a kitchen-diner, but it also had to be practical. Our idea was that the kitchen should be a place to cook but also to sit, have a drink, hang out, talk, work and live! All wishes and requirements that we have placed on our kitchen can be found in the final design.


The kitchen is excellent. Very nice design. High-quality materials and luxurious finishing.
The BORA Xpure stove, two steam ovens and a wine cooler make the kitchen as a whole the way you want a kitchen.


The kitchen has such a design designed by Mark and that is exactly how we wanted it. The central point of our home.


I would definitely recommend Clear Kitchen and specifically Clear Kitchen Breda / Mark Arons..
Mark is very knowledgeable in kitchen design and what it takes to make your dream come true. He further thinks that the standard kitchen farmer. When I think of Mark, I think of customization!


Mark is very customer-friendly and keeps his agreements. He doesn't have the urge to make the deal in the first conversation, he takes all the time for you and that feels very nice, especially with the costs involved with this kitchen.


He has an eye for the small details that give the kitchen that extra touch. He has taken our wishes into account, but thinks further about things that we have not thought about. Mark has a natural gift for offering just the extra mile / just the extra 20% that you need to complete it. Not only in the hardware that is a kitchen, but he also thinks along to make it cozy and practical. This was clearly reflected, for example, in the choice of bar stools and chairs that we bought for the dining table. This is exactly what makes something complete.

The price-quality ratio is unparalleled. A kitchen is a major investment, an investment that you should expect to enjoy for 15 -20 years. We visited several kitchen architects and kitchen “chains” for this major investment. Nowhere have we experienced the personal approach as at Clear Kitchen in Breda. Keep in mind that we had a large budget and therefore many options.


But in most cases we were treated as passers-by, including standard designs and designs that were just off the mark. Often people did not listen carefully to what we wanted, they did not listen carefully to our idea of what a kitchen should do, a lot of standard middle of the road or dime a dozen kitchens, and at a price that we ourselves were not very enthusiastic about. walked ahead. It was often very expensive for what you got in your final product.


At Clear Kitchen Breda this was completely different, unexpectedly very good:
Mark has outdone himself and made us very happy!