Service & Warranty

At Clear Kitchen, we think it is important that your problem with the kitchen or appliance is resolved as quickly as possible and that you are kept well informed of the next steps.

Service and quality are top priorities for us. Are you purchasing a kitchen from us? Then you can count on excellent service. We have several brands, each offering unique services. By clicking on the logo of the relevant supplier, you will be forwarded directly to their own service page.

Problems with your already purchased kitchen?

We will create a ticket with the application and we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the problem. 

If it concerns service on a device, you can create a service notification above directly with the manufacturer. 

After all, the service on equipment is provided directly by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will then contact you within 48 hours for a service visit.


Warranty on the kitchen

Clear Kitchen is affiliated with the CBW and is a CBW approved store. Shops that are CBW-approved apply general terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer extra well. This contains all the rules that are important when you buy something, for example about (down) payment, cancellation, delivery time, delivery, transport and warranty. 

The warranty on the kitchen cabinets and worktops is standard 2 years according to the CBW. However, Clear Kitchen is convinced of the quality of the products and offers a standard 10-year warranty. Look here for more information about the CBW conditions. Our additional Warranty conditions are here to find.

Warranty on the devices

All equipment comes with a standard 2-year warranty, but if you purchase multiple devices from us, you may be eligible for a 5-year warranty. The ordered devices must be registered with the supplier for this purpose. You can register your devices for this in your personal account