Warranty on the kitchen

Clear Kitchen is affiliated with the CBW and is a CBW approved store. Stores that are CBW-approved use general conditions that protect you as a consumer. This contains all the rules that are important when you buy something, for example (payment), cancellation, delivery, transport and warranty. The guarantee on the kitchen cabinets and countertops is according to the CBW-standard 2 years. Clear Kitchen is convinced of the quality of the products and offers a standard 10 year warranty. Click here for more information about the CBW conditions. Our additional Warranty conditions can be found here.

  • CBW recognized & 10 year warranty

  • Complete carefree and risk free-enjoyment of your kitchen

Warranty on the devices

There is a standard 2 year warranty on all appliances, but if you take multiple appliances with us, you can qualify for a 5 year warranty. The bought appliances must be registered with the supplier for this. You can register your devices for this extended warranty in your personal account.

  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • 5 year warranty for 4 devices of the same brand