How is it possible that kitchens at Clear Kitchen are so competitively priced?

Clear Kitchen buys smartly and can therefore offer the kitchens for the lowest price in the Netherlands. In addition, we do not have large showrooms with 50 different kitchen configurations, your set-up is not here anyway. With the help of the Clear Touch Table we can visualize your kitchen in a limited space. This saving can be seen directly in the price.

What is the quality of the kitchens?

We only supply kitchen of the highest quality. All our products are first extensively tested before they leave the factory. All kitchens are produced using the most modern techniques and everything is produced according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Do you also only sell built-in appliances?

Yes, if it is the case that a device of your current Clear Kitchen kitchen needs replacement, we would be happy to take care of this. Of course, all devices are delivered at internet prices or even lower!

What are the delivery times for a kitchen?

The delivery times depend on the kitchen you have put together. On average, however, the kitchen can be delivered within 5-10 weeks.

What is the closest Experience Store for me?

Click here to search for the nearest Experience Store

Can I also buy my kitchen with delivery on demand?

Ofcourse no problem, when ordering you can indicate when you need the kitchen to be delivered . As soon as you know the exact date you need the kitchen, please let us know. In connection with the delivery time we would like to hear this at least 12 weeks in advance.

Do you offer discounts?

No, you always get the best price immediately.

Do you have a lowest price guarantee?

We at Clear Kitchen are convinced that our price is the lowest in the Netherlands.

How do I clean my kitchen?

Cleaning and maintaining a kitchen is simple but necessary. By maintaining the kitchen well, it can last longer, so use only mild and no aggressive cleaning products. For detailed maintenance instructions, please look at the supplied operating instructions. This can also be found in your personal account

Can I order only kitchen cabinets at Clear Kitchen?

Of course you can! Just let us know which appliances come in the kitchen cabinets so we can take this into account at the production.