Buying a kitchen is not easy and there are lots of things you need to think about, our guide will help you in 4 steps to put together your kitchen.


The first step is to measure the space where the new kitchen will come. Actually, this is the most important step for the continuation of the process. So make sure you note the measurements properly. Write down as much as possible and take photos, you can never have too much information only too little. Are not you completely sure of the measurements you took? Of course, you can also have the kitchen measured by us. This is possible even in front of the purchase of the kitchen with our unique preparation service.


It is now time to shape your kitchen with our unique drawing table. As you place the blocks on the screen, the contours of your kitchen quickly become visible. After all, the kitchen is immediately visible in 3D and you can quickly judge what you do and do not like. Because of the crowds in our stores it is useful to reserve the table, so make an appointment. Of course, it is also possible to use one of our experienced advisers.  During an appointment with an advisor, the kitchen is extensively discussed and together we create your new kitchen.


You are satisfied with the design and the price is not disappointing, you are ready to order the kitchen. Once you have put the order in we will start working for you. Even though our system excludes planning errors, the kitchen is thoroughly checked twice more by us, just to be sure. Once the kitchen has been approved by our order monitors, we start production and we can deliver the kitchen to your home within a few weeks.


You can now assemble the kitchen yourself or have it fitted by us. In our online environment you can find everything you need to know to properly install the kitchen. In addition to the installation instructions supplied with the kitchen, you can view videos with installation examples here. If you have the kitchen installed by us, we can completely unburden this at a fixed price. When ordering, the system automatically calculates what the installation of your kitchen will cost.