Which hob should I buy?

The hob is an essential part of every kitchen. There are a few factors to consider when looking for a hob that best suits your needs.

The available space, the style of cooking you prefer and your cleaning habits all influence your choice of hob.

Follow our simple buying guide and discover the ideal hob for you.

Type of hobs

Induction – Make the most of your culinary skills.

Induction hobs heat up quickly and are particularly responsive, which means you can rely on techniques where the right temperature is crucial. For even more versatility, you can even opt for an induction hob with flexible cooking zones. The surface around the pots on an induction hob remains cool, making it very safe

Gas – A popular choice for avid home cooks and professional chefs, the open flame of gas cooktops makes the heat truly visible. Gas hobs are easy to operate and can be used with all types of pans. Our new generation of fast burners ensures that you can cook 20% faster compared to standard gas burners.

Electric – With a heating system that hides beneath a sturdy ceramic glass surface, electric hobs are smooth and easy to clean. Electric hobs work with all types of pans and offer different sizes of cooking zones.


Choose your hob depending on the available surface.

60 cm – This is the most common hob size that fits most households and offers up to 4 cooking zones.

70, 75 (gas), 80 cm – Ideal for a larger family or an enthusiastic home cook. Hobs of this size can also offer flexible cooking zones.

90 cm – Ideal for a larger family or an enthusiastic home cook. Hobs of these sizes offer up to 6 cooking zones and also flexible cooking zones.

36 cm – Crystal Line – Hobs that fit in this space have 1 or 2 cooking zones and are ideal for compact living and smaller kitchens.


Think about how you cook most often before selecting a hob. Some examples.

Quick recipes – pasta dishes, stir-fry dishes, etc. – A hob that heats up quickly is preferred. Choose an induction hob with a power booster to speed up cooking. Some gas hobs also come with a powerful wok zone which is great for making quick stir-fry dishes for the whole family.

Advanced techniques – Melting, water baths, steaming, etc. – An induction hob gives you the precise temperature control to use advanced techniques. Induction takes you from cool to hot – and back – in no time.

Great stews – Gas and electric hobs offer flexibility with a wide range of burners and expandable zones for larger pots and pans. Or choose induction hobs with flexible zones that allow you to combine two individual zones into one large zone.


Induction hobs – Our intelligent induction technology heats your pans and the food in them, but nothing else. The surface around the pans remains cool. In addition, the dirt has nowhere to hide on the smooth, flat surface and therefore nothing can burn.

Gas hobs – Gas hobs with glass ceramic surfaces are easier to clean than stainless steel surfaces. If you spill while cooking, you can simply wipe it away without having to worry about scratches and stains.

Electric hotplates – The smooth ceramic surface of electric hobs is easy to keep stain-free and clean.


Induction – Induction only heats the pans and the food in them, but nothing else – the surface around them remains cool and safe to touch. The control panel can also be locked to prevent accidental heating.

Gas – When the flame can be easily seen, cooking remains safe. The gas supply is also automatically shut off whenever the flame goes out.

Electric – The child lock ensures that the hob cannot be switched on accidentally. The residual heat indicator lets you know when the hob has cooled down and is safe to touch.