Mr Groenewoud from Amsterdam

Mr Groenewoud from Amsterdam

Nine months ago I started puzzling over the design of the together with René
kitchen. I thought it was particularly important that it be just good, and that certainly worked.
René helped excellently. My condition for the design was that I use as little as possible
wanted to lose space in the apartment.

In the showroom I saw a kitchen cabinet with a dark blue glow that I liked. Finally
I went for anthracite with a 2mm rounding on the edges. There is also between the kitchen cabinets
just enough space for the light to hit it properly, creating a kind of contrast strip
occurs between the doors. That looks luxurious.

The kitchen top is made of Dekton, which is a very hard material. You can put a hot pan on it and there
on cutting. In addition, it does not lose its color, which is a big advantage over one
corian kitchen top.

The installation went well. The floor hadn't been laid yet, so the fitters have the kitchen
placed floating, so that the floor could still fit underneath. That was all extra work.
Fortunately this was not a problem.

I recommend Clear Kitchen!