Privacy policy


The privacy policy applies to every use of our website and to all personal data that is registered via our websites and in our stores. We take our obligations regarding your privacy and the processing and transfer of your personal data very seriously. We have therefore taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the transfer and retention of data is safe.

We request that you read our Privacy Policy carefully because it states how and for what purposes we collect personal data. By providing us with personal data, you consent to the processing and transfer of personal data as described in this privacy policy. Clearkitchen is responsible for processing these processing operations.

Registration personal data

Clearkitchen records your details when you purchase products or services from us. Even if you use one of our free services on the website or leave your data in one of our branches, these are retained. Your personal data are stored in a central, electronic client base of Clearkitchen.

We record your personal data in the following situations;

In our stores when filling in order forms, showroom vouchers and / or other forms.
When visiting our website.
In the execution of an assignment given to us.
When completing a review for a product delivered to you or a service provided to you.
When registering for marketing communications and / or our newsletter.
When filling in application and contact forms on the website.
If we receive your personal data and / or profile information from third parties, for example if you have indicated to these third parties that you wish to receive information about our products or services. In this case we mention from whom we received the personal data at our first communication with you.

We can request and / or register the following information;

gender, first name, last name, street name, house number, postal code, town, telephone number and e-mail address. Our servers can automatically register certain data, such as URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your visit to our websites, including through the use of cookies.

Who has access to your data?

We can pass your details on to other parties. We only do this if it is really necessary for our services. It may be one or more of these parties:
– Delivery partners
– Assembly partners
– Service partners
– Suppliers
– Pay partners
– IT service providers
Our delivery, assembly and service partner must finally come to your home to deliver, assemble or deliver your product.

Our supplier receives a reference to your purchase, and in some cases our supplier also comes to your home.

Our payment partner will receive your details in order to process the payment.

Our IT service providers offer services such as cloud storage, media and advertising services, maintenance of our website.

If the law obliges us to share your customer data with government agencies.

Use of personal data

The basis for the use of your personal data is your consent. In the case of an assignment given to us and / or concluded with us, the basis for the use of your personal data is the necessity for the correct execution of that assignment and / or agreement.

For existing customers, the foundation is our interest in making our customers offers and keeping up-to-date with our comparable products and services.

Your personal details are used by Clearkitchen for the following purposes:
1. To execute an assignment,
2. To inform you about the status of your assignment,
3. For measuring customer satisfaction,
4. To answer any questions you have asked,
5. To improve our services and to adapt them to your wishes. In this context, we can also use your personal data for profiling purposes.
6. To inform you about current and future activities and offers, by mail, telephone or e-mail.
7. For sending newsletters, both electronically and by mail.
8. In addition, your data will be used anonymously in management information and analyzes. With the results, we are better able to further increase customer satisfaction and we can further improve our services, products and website.
9. Clearkitchen will not make your data available to third parties, unless this is necessary for the correct execution of the assignment and / or unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

Storage period personal data

We store personal data that we process with your permission for one year.

Personal data that we receive from you in the context of an offer we store for 2 years.

We retain personal data that we process in the context of an assignment given to us and / or an agreement concluded with us until the service or guarantee period expires.

View and change your data

You can request Clearkitchen for:

inspection, adaptation or deletion of the personal data that Clearkitchen collects about you.
restriction of the processing of the personal data that Clearkitchen collects about you.
transfer of the personal data that collects about you.
You can submit your request by sending an e-mail to [email protected] To process your request we ask you for the following data:

Full name
Postal Code
House number
Your request and / or question
We are happy to explain why we need this information.

We would like to ask you to include your full name, postcode and house number in the e-mail. A correct spelling of your full name is important for our matching principle. What this means is explained in this way. In addition, you are free to decide yourself whether and, if so, what additional information you give.

Why do we want to know this information? It is possible that you are registered several times in our system, for example when you have filled out a form via our website and asked for a quote in the store. It may be that your details are slightly different, for example your initials instead of first name or if you are moving, your new address instead of your current address. If your data is not completely the same, it may happen that you are registered multiple times in our system.

We will then search for registrations of your personal data in our system by means of a matching principle. Simply put, we look for the other data based on the data that you now provide us. The chance of a complete picture of the personal data known to us increases as you provide more data. It is therefore possible that not all of your personal details known to us are found because we have not been able to “match” them.

To ensure that the request is made by you, we will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address known to us after receipt of your request. Only after we have received a confirmation on this e-mail will we continue to process your request.

Clearkitchen strives to handle your request as quickly as possible, but will do so no later than within the statutory period of 1 month. When we have processed your request, we will provide you with the necessary information. In the unlikely event that your request is rejected (this may be because your request is in violation of the law), we will of course give you an explanation why Clearkitchen was unable to process your request.

The data you provide will only be used for processing your question. Upon completion of your request, this information will be deleted.

You have the right, if you wish, to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


You can always indicate that you do not want to be approached with marketing activities. This can be done by sending an e-mail to [email protected]