You have probably already taken a good look at our website and are enthusiastic about the concept of Clear Kitchen, otherwise you would not have looked at our vacancies page. If you have done that, you know that we are anything but a standard kitchen store. We do things differently and this is also reflected in our vacancies.


Kitchen advisor

Are you a salesperson through and through? Can you convince the customer and give them the final push? If so, stop reading because we are not looking for you. Clear Kitchen is looking for kitchen advisors, not salespeople. The idea is for you to advise the customer and for them to make their own choice with a good feeling and at ease. Naturally, your enthusiasm about the product is contagious to the customer, but ultimately the customer sells the kitchen to himself.

Clear Kitchen is a fast-growing organization that you can be part of and therefore offers many opportunities to grow quickly yourself. A lot of freedom is offered within our organization and we will not program you like a robot. We think it is important that you have a good time and we have a number of core conditions within our organization. We actually take care of everything in the store to make you feel at home. We provide lunch for you and we have decent coffee from a Nespresso bar. The store is always tidy and stocked with the latest collection. Actually, the only thing you need to bring to work is a good mood.


What are you offered?

– FUN; A drink or dinner with your colleagues every month and many more extras

– Working without a target! Of course you will receive a nice performance bonus.

– Fast career opportunities.

– The best Training & coaching, also by external trainers.

– Naturally a competitive salary.

What is expected of you?

At Clear Kitchen we look at what you can do, so we do not set specific requirements for all the training you must have completed. Of course we would like to hear about your experiences and why you think you deserve a place in our organization.

Has your interest been aroused and do you want to be part of the company that is changing the kitchen world? Call me 020-8223927 or send me an email