When purchasing a new kitchen, you naturally want to use the space you have as practically as possible. There are many options for organizing kitchen cabinets.

In the box opposite you will get an impression of the various options available for optimally organizing your kitchen cabinets. Have you ever thought about a built-in waste system or a pharmacy cabinet?

Most people dream of a beautiful large island kitchen, but in practice this will of course not fit everywhere. A corner kitchen is a setup that is much more common in reality, but how do you use the space in the corner? 

Various solutions are possible for this, such as a shelf, turntable or Le-Mans.



Of course, a kitchen should not only be very beautiful but also comfortable. There are a number of things that require extra attention to plan the kitchen properly and make it ergonomic.

Working height

It is important to plan the kitchen at a working height that is as comfortable as possible for you. The ideal working height differs per person and you may be surprised, but this height does not depend on body length but on the elbows. In all our stores we have an AMK ergometer (measuring device) and we can easily determine your ideal working height.


Layout of the kitchen

Ensure a good proportion in the working triangle, this is the space between the sink, hob and refrigerator. Try not to plan these elements too far apart to keep walking distances limited.



Ensure there is sufficient work space, the most practical space for this is the space between the sink and hob. It is therefore necessary to keep the space between the hob and sink spacious.


Built-in equipment at height

Planning equipment at an operator-friendly height makes cooking in the kitchen a lot more comfortable. The ideal height for an oven or microwave is between 100 and 140cm, which is at arm's height. Nowadays, however, it is not only ovens and microwaves that can be built in at height, but also dishwashers, for example, the possibilities are endless.