Nadine from Soest

I searched the internet for custom kitchens. Clear Kitchen had the best price/quality ratio, so I chose that. Michel from Clear Kitchen Bussum came to our home for the first consultation, which was nice because everything quickly became clear. The old kitchen was still there at the time and was of somewhat inferior quality. At first the sink was on the side of the fireplace, but that has now been changed so that we can view the fireplace from the so-called 'peninsula'. We chose a black and white kitchen.

Jos did the installation. Two doors seemed to be slightly damaged, but they were immediately replaced. The connection points were actually prepared in the wrong place, but the technician thought along with this and they were then neatly rerouted to the bottom of the peninsula.

Delivery was fast. We visited in February and the kitchen was installed at the end of April. Some of the furniture hasn't even arrived yet, but the kitchen is already there.

Contact with Clear Kitchen was good, they are very accessible, I even got a message back in the evening.

I recently advised good friends to also go to Clear Kitchen!