Which fridge-freezer combinations should I buy?

Keep all your ingredients fresh and cool with the fridge-freezer combination that suits your lifestyle. There are a number of factors you should consider when looking for a new fridge-freezer combination. Follow our simple buying guide and discover your ideal fridge-freezer combination.


What do you keep in your fridge-freezer combination?

Fresh fruits and vegetables – Look for refrigerators with plenty of space and deep drawers for vegetables.

Meat and fish – A model with a 0° LongFresh drawer keeps meat and fish fresh for longer.

Drinks – Consider wine racks, bottle holders or even a built-in wine cooler. Some American fridge-freezer combinations have an ice dispenser in the door, so you can quickly and easily cool your drinks with ice cubes.

Frozen foodl – If you freeze a lot of food, consider a fridge-freezer combination with FrostMatic function. This allows you to quickly bring your food to the desired freezing temperature.


Which type of fridge-freezer combination suits your kitchen best?

American fridge-freezer combination – a full length refrigerator and freezer for large capacity with additional water and ice dispenser or wine compartment, available on select models.

Freestanding fridge-freezer combination – 2 separate compartments for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, each with a separate door. Combi-Top and Combi-Bottom refers to the position of the freezer.

Built-in fridge-freezer combination – hidden behind a cupboard door to suit your kitchen design, consider either a fridge freezer or go for 2 separate units (fridge and freezer).

Height and width may vary, so view the full range to choose the size and style that best suits your kitchen.


The capacity of a fridge-freezer combination is measured in liters.

100 – 150 litres – suitable for a household of 1-2 people.

150 – 250 litres – suitable for a household of 3-4 people.

250+ litres – ideal for larger households of 5 people or more.

Tip: Make sure you don't overfill your refrigerator so that air has room to circulate for efficient cooling.

Intelligent functions

Optimal temperature – The CoolMatic function quickly brings your fresh groceries to the desired cooling temperature.

Consistent climate – The DynamicAir technology ensures that the temperature in the refrigerator remains the same everywhere.

Secure storage for heavy items – Look for a refrigerator with extra sturdy shelves made of safety glass.

Custom storage – The CustomFlex® modular system allows you to rearrange the door compartment.

Holiday mode – Maintains internal temperature at 15ºC when you are away from home, to prevent odors in the empty refrigerator.


The (New) energy class of all fridge-freezer combinations is labeled on a scale from A (most economical) to G (least efficient). The higher the energy label, the lower your energy costs will be.

A TwinTech NoFrost fridge-freezer combination has separate air flows in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, making it much more economical. In addition, the TwinTech technology ensures that the optimal temperature and humidity is maintained in each compartment.

Tip: Do not place your fridge-freezer combination too close to your heating or oven, so you can reduce energy consumption.