A true revolution…

It is now installed in one in five kitchens.
The Quooker. The tap that immediately supplies boiling water.
Tap on the counter, reservoir in the cupboard below.
A 100% Dutch invention that is conquering the world.

You can choose between a boiling water tap with a matching mixer tap, or the Quooker Fusion, one tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Both equally safe,
and available in nine tap models and three finishes.

And anyone who thinks that the Quooker is an energy guzzler is wrong. Thanks to the patented high-vacuum insulation, standby consumption is only 5 cents per day. And the COMBI is by far the most economical hot and boiling water supply for your kitchen.

Your kitchen is not complete without a Quooker.

Energy and water saving

Thanks to the perfect high-vacuum insulation, the Quooker reservoir only uses 5 cents per day to have boiling water ready at all times. Moreover, with a Quooker you always tap exactly the amount of boiling water you need.

If you choose the COMBI, which also supplies hot water for the mixer tap, you will really save money. Because it eliminates the waste of water and energy due to a long hot water pipe to the kitchen.


You have to be careful with boiling water in the kitchen. Falling kettles cause hundreds of accidents every year, especially with small children. With the Quooker these are a thing of the past. Thanks to the child-safe control knob and the double-walled tap spout that does not get hot.

The water jet is of course hot, but because it is not solid and consists of droplets, you have already withdrawn your hand before you can really burn yourself. Convenience and safety go hand in hand with the Quooker.

Quooker Cube

The CUBE brings even more fun into the kitchen. It saves you time and space and eliminates the need for plastic bottles.

With the CUBE you can enjoy a glass of sparkling fresh water or make the tastiest lemonades and cocktails in no time. This way you get everything from one tap: boiling, hot, cold, sparkling and chilled water.

How does a Quooker work with CUBE?

The CUBE is placed at the bottom of your kitchen cupboard next to the Quooker reservoir. The CUBE has a CO2 cylinder, a carbon dioxide bottle, with which you can tap up to 60 liters of cold sparkling water from your Quooker tap.

To get sparkling water, press and turn the control knob once. The light ring that turns red when water is boiling now flashes blue: sparkling water is coming. If you hold the knob a little longer and then turn, cooled water comes out of the tap. It is therefore not possible to tap boiling water, while you meant sparkling water.