Daniel from Amsterdam


When we came to Clear Kitchen, we had already been to a number of other kitchen stores for a quote with a corresponding design. However, with the other kitchen cases we did not arrive at a design that really contained everything we wanted. To be honest, we must also admit that we did not have the easiest wishes/space. We have a small space but wanted a combination steam oven, wide induction hob, wine refrigerator, built-in coffee maker, dishwasher, Quooker, built-in refrigerator with freezer and of course drawers for the pans.


However, our apartment is only 45m2 and so we couldn't let the kitchen take up too much of the space. At Clear Kitchen they came up with the idea of integrating the kitchen and dining table into an island, so that we could store everything in the kitchen and still have a spacious seating area.


The great thing about the whole thing is that we were able to visualize everything immediately using CK's drawing board, so we immediately knew that this was the solution. Since the kitchen is also calculated directly by the table, we immediately knew the price, which is of course fantastic. Of course, at the end we tried to get something off the price, after all, we were used to this from other kitchen stores. However, CK's advisor told us that they do not work with discounts or promotions at all "we work with net prices and price is price". By means of a fully specified quotation, they give you insight into how the total price is structured. This is a nice way of working since we had the feeling at the other kitchen stores that something could always be done and we were being fooled a bit. However, the price at CK was not too bad for us, so we opted for slightly more luxurious equipment.


After the order, we were kept informed digitally and received regular updates about the ordering process. The kitchen has now been delivered and installed, this was also neatly taken care of by the professionals at Clear Kitchen. All in all, nothing but praise, thank you very much guys!