Hans and Jeannette de Rijk from Baarn

We came to Michel from Clear Kitchen through a customer of Jeannette's.
The first meeting was very hospitable and it soon became clear that the price/quality ratio was good.
That was also the first thing Hans said upon arrival, that it had to be a fair price.
After first walking around the store and looking, we stood at the design table and were able to discuss our wishes and see exactly what our kitchen would look like.
This gave us a good impression of our beautiful kitchen.

We opted for a Wave extraction system and Michel had never seen or installed it like this before. We designed this ourselves in terms of color and material.
That has become the eye-catcher of our kitchen.
The kitchen was neatly delivered and installed.
We are very satisfied with Clear Kitchen and will definitely recommend them.

Due to our good experiences with Michel and Clear Kitchen, 2 friends of ours have now also ordered a new kitchen.

Thanks Michael!