The Van der Meer family from Oude Wetering

The Van der Meer family from Oude Wetering

Our kitchen was professionally installed at the end of August 2021. The technicians were pleasant to work with, real professionals. The kitchen was installed with care.

René from Clear Kitchen helped us with the design. Our interior designer had already devised the layout, but Clear Kitchen fully developed the design and provided many suggestions. We were ready in the store within one hour, they had enough samples, so we could quickly make an informed choice.

The biggest challenge was to find a nice balance between the size of the kitchen and making good use of the space. The kitchen is now just the right size, not too big, but certainly not too small either. What we like is that everything is neatly concealed, such as: the sockets, space for the appliances and the integrated hob.

After installation, a door still had to be replaced. Due to Corona there is a major shortage of all kinds of materials, so we were not shocked that it would take a little longer. However, the door arrived faster than expected. Once the products arrived at Clear Kitchen, we were immediately contacted to deliver the products to your home, so that was very nice!

In short, we highly recommend Clear Kitchen!