Sophia from Valkenburg


I designed the kitchen myself, in consultation with Pascal. He gave me complete freedom in this and made adjustments if necessary and desirable. Composing using the virtual drawing board in particular helps with this. It is then easy to adjust or exchange things.


I did have a number of specific requirements and wishes that ultimately turned out well, such as a higher and deeper countertop and a bar. I wanted a gold-colored boiling water tap, marble-look worktop and dark blue fronts. The oak veneer was also one of the wishes. We also wanted 2 ovens (a large and a small one), a gigantic refrigerator and a larger freezer. Many of these wishes arose from the previous kitchen we selected and some things were not well thought through. I don't think we made that mistake here. Here too, Pascal sometimes gave instructions that we sometimes followed and sometimes did not.


The kitchen is great. The equipment is of good quality, as are the cabinets and worktop. They did a really nice job on the installation. I am very happy with the large refrigerator and freezer from Aeg. It cools everything very well and food stays fresh for a long time. I still have to get used to the bora sometimes, but that will be fine. The large, deep drawers are very useful for pans, plates and bowls. The children like to sit at the bar during breakfast.


I would definitely recommend Clear Kitchen. The working method is very pleasant for us. Transparent. What you see is what you get and a deal is a deal. They are certainly not pushy, so you have the feeling that you thought and designed it yourself. The service and after-sales are also good. There was damage to a drawer during installation and it was completely replaced without any questions. I also went back to the store several times because I had doubts about the color and the handles. I always received very good help there and I also received prompt answers to my questions via email. Very professional.