As the proud owners of a brand new kitchen, I would like to share that we are extremely satisfied with the service from Clear Kitchen. From the very first moment we stepped into the showroom to the moment our dream kitchen became a reality, every step of the process was extremely satisfying.

René was extremely friendly and took plenty of time to listen to our wishes and ideas. What made this experience extra special was the opportunity to admire our future kitchen in 3D. The detailed design gave me a realistic idea of what our kitchen would look like.

One of the absolute highlights of our new kitchen is without a doubt the Orinoco natural stone worktop. The breathtaking pattern adds an unmistakable elegance to the space and acts as the crown jewel of the whole. Not only does the natural stone look very beautiful, but the Sensa coating also makes it extremely practical and durable. It is resistant to stains and requires minimal maintenance, making it a perfect fit for our lifestyle.