Clear Kitchen was patient with us. We visited about 4 or 5 times in total. We chose Clear Kitchen because we thought it was the most friendly store and because they had honest salespeople. They are transparent, make it simple for you and have an open attitude. They have fulfilled all the promises they made.

First we wanted elongated wall shelves against the back wall of the kitchen and an open cupboard. Due to Clear Kitchen's advice, we chose not to do that and opt for a closed cupboard. This freed up a nice space under the window.

Since a kitchen involves quite a large amount, it is of course always a bit exciting, but the clear drawings and plans for the contractors gave us the confidence that everything would turn out well.

Clear Kitchen also has good service after delivery, so they once again delivered a handle strip that I had damaged free of charge. In addition, a part of the side plinth was once lost, which they also resolved for us free of charge within a week of reporting as a service.