I designed the kitchens together with Marco. With the help of the 3D table we were able to put together two kitchens in a few hours and I walked out of the store with great confidence.


Marco has ensured many details. The color of the sink stopper, the electricity, the contents of the cupboards. Everything is perfectly laid out. I am grateful that I could work with Marco and have two perfect kitchens in my house, which definitely add value to the total concept.


The kitchens are perfect. Perfectly organized in terms of walking movements, the materials are high-quality and I receive many compliments about the overall appearance.


I have now recommended ClearKitchen several times to friends, even though I normally don't do that. At ClearKitchen I am sure that future customers will receive just as good service as I did. Marco is easily accessible, communicates clearly, is flexible, has an eye for detail, makes beautiful combinations and has a fair price with good quality. In addition, the installation employees are very skilled. I am grateful for my two kitchens in my home and I will definitely return to my next home!