Rob and Wilma from Almere


The design of our kitchen came about because we visited approximately 11 kitchen companies and received tips about one thing or another from each one. At Clear Kitchen we came prepared.


We fell for an Italian design, which means that our kitchen, because it is adjacent to the dining area of the room, also forms somewhat of a piece of furniture. We have created a cove above the kitchen, which mirrors the kitchen, in which the extractor hood and central extraction are incorporated.


The wishes we had are certainly reflected in the end product. After much deliberation, we opted for a black kitchen with a black top. The top is as thick as the bodies of the cabinets (hence the furniture effect). We wanted a handle-less kitchen with drawers on the kitchen side and three doors on the room side. In a handleless kitchen there is a lot of space between the top and bottom drawers, we did not want that, so we opted for a push to open construction of the bottom drawer, so there is only a small gap between the bottom and top drawers.


We really like the kitchen. We do require a little more maintenance because it is black. After use, the oven will indicate exactly what to do after use with steam. The extractor hood extracts excellently. We clean this regularly, because we now notice it more if it is greasy, but the glass makes it very easy to clean. The lighting above the hob is also very practical. We only have to take our fireplace into account. Do not cook and start heating at the same time (because of carbon monoxide). We are also happy with the size of the sink. The refrigerator is not too small for our 2-person household. Even on a birthday we can store all our things in it. The cooker also meets expectations.


We have already recommended Clear Kitchen to several people. They work with a pleasant digital system, so you can see in a short time what the kitchen will cost you. In terms of price, they are between the retail price and internet prices.


They provide good service, because when it turned out that we had to choose whether to raise the top or get another dishwasher, it turned out that the bill for the new, slightly smaller dishwasher was paid by Clear Kitchen.


Because the top was measured when it was installed, we received an emergency top the size of the kitchen, so I could celebrate the birthday even though the kitchen was not completely ready yet. We had to wait a very long time for the magazine due to the supplier, but a solution was also found for that to our complete satisfaction. Those who installed the kitchen were neat and worked exactly, as we are used to doing. In the event of damage or malfunctioning drawer systems, no effort was made, but this was resolved immediately. The appointments were always scheduled in good consultation. This is thanks to the very good service from Clear Kitchen. (Tip: don't complain if there are problems, but start a conversation. Getting angry is of no use to anyone)


We are very satisfied with the overall result. Receive many positive reactions. Looks sharp!