Which oven should I buy?

The oven is a key part of every kitchen.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a new oven that is best for you.

The available space, the types of preparations you prefer and your cleaning habits all influence your oven choice.

Space & Location

First measure the available space. All ovens require at least 60 cm width, while the height may vary. See which oven you can choose based on the following heights:

60 cm – a single standard size oven

45 cm – compact ovens are suitable for narrower spaces

Tip: You can save space without compromising on functionality. With a compact microwave you can prepare, grill, heat up or defrost dishes with the same results as a larger oven.


If you have a large family or often entertain people, you probably need an oven that can prepare larger meals. The oven capacity is measured in litres.

70+ litres – perfect for a large family of four or more people

40 – 70 litres – best suited for a family of three or four people

35 – 40 litres – ideal for cooking for one to two people

Tip: A combination of several compact models in a kitchen wall can also be an excellent option for larger families.


Steaming – Steam ovens take your preparations to a higher level. While the heat creates a brown and crispy outer layer, the steam seals in the moisture on the inside. The result is a full range of incredibly succulent dishes, including meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts.

Grilling – An oven with a separate grill gives you more space to play with and is an optimal choice for larger meals.

Baking – A ventilation oven produces excellent pies and cakes, thanks to the perfectly even heat distribution. Also consider a combi-steam oven for professional results.

All of the above – A multifunction steam oven gives you all of the above.


You no longer have to clean the oven with chemicals.

Self-cleaning ovens – Pyrolytic ovens heat up to 500°C, reducing dirt to a fine dust that you can easily wipe away with a cloth.

Catalytic linings – The catalytic lining absorbs the grease stains and is activated by regular heating up to 220°C. The grease is oxidized so that the surface remains clean.

Tip: An anti-fingerprint coating looks flawless and requires less cleaning.

Steam oven

Cook like a pro. A steam oven locks in the flavor, improves the texture and retains the crispiness. Baked bread rises better, chicken remains tender, vegetables retain their bright color, and with the SousVide technology you can explore a completely new world of cooking.

Choose your device

Whether or not you are a cooking enthusiast, usually prepare a dinner for two or prefer to organize an extensive dinner for your family and friends, there is certainly an oven that suits you in the wide range.