Fred and Caroline from Huizen

Fred and Caroline from Huizen

Fred and Caroline bought a beautiful house that already had a Clear Kitchen kitchen, but they really wanted to make some adjustments.

“We wanted a place for the coffee maker, a large cutlery drawer and a built-in large rubbish bin,” says Caroline. We also wanted more cupboards and a higher countertop. We struggled a lot to achieve a good result, but we couldn't figure it out.

We therefore decided to make an appointment with an advisor from Clear Kitchen. The advisor immediately had the ultimate idea! With a fairly simple adjustment and the installation of a beautiful new Dekton countertop, our wishes would be met.

The end result is impressive, the kitchen turned out really beautiful. The kitchen has now become a real eye-catcher in our house. The kitchen is also well laid out. Everything is within reach.

“We really like the kitchen, we are very happy with the end result.”

Fred and Caroline have had a pleasant collaboration with Clear Kitchen. “We would definitely recommend Clear Kitchen.” The price and quality ratio is good and agreements have been neatly fulfilled. The kitchen was even delivered in time for Christmas, which is a very hectic period.

We are very satisfied and happy with the adjustments to the kitchen!