Wout and Linda from Amstelveen

Pascal helped us with great care and patience. After meeting in the store we made an appointment at our home. It soon became apparent that everything was possible, without us feeling like it was being imposed on us. Pascal listened well and provided good solutions for our house. It was nice to be able to see live how much the total will cost. You see the amount jump for each option, and that is nice, instead of suddenly seeing a large number at the end of which you do not know exactly what it is made up of. 

We are practical people. So we wanted scratch-resistant materials. Suppose you are holding a hot pan, but there is no trivet nearby, then the pan should simply go into the sink. Everything had to be rock-tested and robust. We have young children. We therefore did not want foil-like front panels, because then: broken = broken. We therefore preferred to opt for slightly better quality because of the children. We chose deep green wooden panels with a white hard kitchen top. 

During the process we had some problems putting the kitchen together. For example, we first wanted an extractor hood with an extraction to the outside. However, we followed Pascal's advice and opted for a stove with built-in filter extraction. The first extraction option to the outside was about 4 meters away, and that would not be good for the view either. We opted for a slightly smaller kitchen than we first wanted. The kitchen size we initially had in mind would offer too much space, and that was not really necessary. So we also followed Pascal's advice on this. 

We are extremely happy with the result! The smart ovens are placed at an ideal height. We can get to it easily, but our little boys can't. The ovens can be operated via a smart app and, for example, provide a notification when the food is ready. The Cooker tap is user-friendly, and we received 80 liters of 'Spa Red' (sparkling water level). The wine cooler on the side, the sockets on the top with a USB connection and the extra wide drawers complete this kitchen. 

In short, we are very satisfied customers and think that Pascal has helped us well. Not only did he give us good advice, he also has a very good eye for detail, which was noticeable, for example, in the finish of the kitchen worktop near the wall. Pascal said that it would be nicer to place the top between the two cabinets, instead of placing the cabinets just one centimeter on the kitchen top. A small detail, but it just ensured that the lines of the cabinets continued smoothly. Great job! 

Last but not least, which is also nice: everything can also be ordered additionally. So if we need extra cabinet inserts, shelves or new sparkling water, we can order all of that afterwards