Robert and Evelien from Amsterdam

Robert and Evelien from Amsterdam

“We are very happy with the kitchen, we spend a lot of time in it,” say Robert and Evelien from Amsterdam.

An advisor from Clear Kitchen was closely involved in the purchase of the house to measure everything and contribute ideas to the design of the kitchen. The idea of installing a kitchen island was also suggested by the consultant. There is no room in the kitchen for a huge cooking island in combination with a dining table, but we thought this small cooking island was nice and original. We also thought about the tall cabinets and the type of countertop with Clear Kitchen. With the help of the 3D computer in the store, we quickly got a better idea of what the end result would look like.

We wanted an open, light and sleek kitchen. The kitchen also had to have enough storage space. We are very happy with the end result: there is a lot of storage space, but it still looks very spacious.

We are very happy with the kitchen, we spend a lot of time in it. That was also our wish, that it became a living kitchen. When people come over, they often stand at the kitchen island. We use this kitchen island much more than expected. It is also nice that you can cook and have drinks at the same time. We also like that you can look into the living room while cooking.

Robert and Evelien are very pleased with the collaboration with Clear Kitchen.

We have a light and sleek kitchen, which is beautifully finished. Our drawers have an anti-slip mat, glass sides and an extra drawer at the top with a nice system. With the design it's easy to forget these kinds of details, while we are now very happy with it. We also thought the price-quality ratio was very good.